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When it’s HOT it’s time to CHILL

Dec 13, 2017


Schools out for summer and the guilt sets in when you’re working so much it seems family time is ignored. Here’s a few suggests on how to chill out this summer. Three little habits can have a big improvement on your sanity and make your summer fun!

  • Book a meeting – schedule some family time. Now that the kids are free from homework, sports, and dance recitals it’s a great time to plan on a pizza delivery dinner and a board game. The old fashion kind where you look each other in the eye instead of a hand held electronic device. Of course Monopoly still ranks pretty high but there’s also Apples to Apples, Risk, Head Banz or Scattergories. Unplug for one hour, at least the hand held device, not the air conditioner. 
  • Give it 15 minutes – most of us leave the office and hit the freeway which is not exactly relaxing. We tend to hit home with our “work” mindsets. Give yourself time to shift gears.  One way is to change out of the business attire and throw on the shorts, t shirts, and flip flops as soon as you get home.  
  • Be a kid – stop being so serious. With all the self-inflicted pressure we piled on top of a schedule where every moment is full of multi-tasking it’s no wonder the stress level is so high. The advice experts say acting like an 8 year old is the trick. Hum…..I don’t think a water balloon fight in the office is a good idea but a Nerf gun or basketball game could be fun. Tell a joke, share a funny video, or just visit a coworker and ask about their weekend. 
  • When all else fails – Ice Cream!