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Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is located north of Los Angeles at the Magic Mountain Parkway exit off Interstate 5 in Valencia. Known worldwide as a thrill ride haven, the 260-acre theme park features 18 world-class roller coasters and over 100 rides, games and attractions for the entire family.

Among the park’s world-class roller coasters and thrill rides are the X2, the world’s only 5th dimensional roller coaster, Tatsu, the tallest, fastest and longest flying coaster, Scream, Southern California’s first floorless coaster,Deja Vu, a looping, boomerang coaster, Goliath, the giant among coasters, SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton, Batman The Ride, The Riddler’s Revenge and many more.

Within Six Flags Magic Mountain is Bugs Bunny World, a six-acre, interactive wonderland featuring numerous rides and attractions that will provide a real thrill for kids and adults alike. Designed for the pint-sized guests, Bugs Bunny World is the home of legendary Looney Tunes characters such as Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester, Foghorn Leghorn and America’s favorite rabbit, Bugs Bunny. Attractions include Daffy’s Adventure Tours, Merrie Melodies Carousel, Pepe Le Pew Tea Party and many others.



26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

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(661) 255-4100.

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