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Ontario, California – March 10, 2024 – GOCAL (Greater Ontario California), in collaboration with its agency of record JNS Next, has been honored with a prestigious American Advertising Federation Award for its exceptional creativity and innovation in marketing communications.

The American Advertising Federation Awards (ADDY’s), which celebrate regional and national creative excellence across various categories, including logo design, print and digital advertising, television, and integrated brand campaigns, have recognized GOCAL for its outstanding work produced for the brand’s 2023 launch.

The campaign, crafted by the dynamic partnership between GOCAL and JNS Next, showcased a brand video that artfully narrates the destination’s unique and distinct offerings to travelers. Accompanying the video was a comprehensive brand vision guide, meticulously detailing the essence and ethos of GOCAL, along with new brand logos crafted both for the organization and the Ontario Convention Center.

This recognition by the American Advertising Federation Awards underscores GOCAL’s commitment to creativity, innovation, and excellence in destination marketing. The brand’s ability to captivate audiences through compelling storytelling and visually striking designs has undoubtedly set a new standard in the industry.

“We are thrilled to receive these prestigious awards, which are a testament to the hard work, creativity and dedication of our team and our partners at JNS Next,” said Michael Krouse, President, CEO of GOCAL. “This recognition further motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation as we strive to showcase Greater Ontario as a premier destination for travelers worldwide.”

The American Advertising Federation Awards, represent the pinnacle of creative achievement in the advertising industry, celebrating the best work from respected chapters across the United States.


 GOCAL Secures Multiple Gold, Silver, and Bronze ADDY Awards for Outstanding Creativity and Innovation

Gold ADDY Awards:

Brand Video for Cinematography– GOCAL’s captivating brand video, showcasing the destination’s unique offerings to travelers, received a Gold ADDY in recognition of its excellence in storytelling and visual appeal.
See the Brand Video

:30 Second Internet Commercial “Let’s GO” – The dynamic and engaging internet commercial titled “Let’s GO” secured another Gold ADDY, highlighting the brand’s ability to captivate audiences through concise and impactful messaging.
See the Let’s GO Video

Silver ADDY Awards:

Integrated Brand Identity Campaign – The comprehensive brand identity campaign crafted by GOCAL earned a Silver ADDY for its creativity and strategic execution.

Video Editing for GOCAL Brand Video “Poet” – The meticulous video editing showcased in GOCAL’s brand video titled “Poet” was recognized with a Silver ADDY, highlighting the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.
See the Brand Video

Bronze ADDY Awards:

New Logo Design for GOCAL’s New Name – The redesigned logo for GOCAL’s new name, received a Bronze ADDY, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to innovation and evolution.

Internet Commercial for GO Eat! GOCAL Restaurant Week – The internet commercial promoting GOCAL’s Restaurant Week, titled “GO Eat!”, earned a Bronze ADDY for its creativity and effectiveness in promoting culinary experiences within the destination.
See the Let’s GO Eat! Commercial

All Gold and Silver ADDY award winners are now eligible to compete in the regional district competition, further showcasing the excellence and impact of GOCAL’s marketing initiatives on a broader scale.