Greater Ontario Restaurant Week

Greater Ontario Restaurant Week

What is Greater Ontario Restaurant Week?

August 20-29, 2021

The Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau presents Greater Ontario Restaurant Week (GO Restaurant Week) promoting restaurants throughout Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga. GO Restaurant Week is designed to showcase, promote and provide a tremendous marketing opportunity for participating restaurants in the entire region. This marketing program sponsored by the Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau and at "NO CHARGE” to participating restaurants and an absolute must for maximum exposure to all Southern California foodies. Every restaurant should take full advantage of 9 days of culinary excellence at some of the finest restaurants!

As one of the fastest growing areas in the country and recent explosion of the culinary scene, we’re attracting new, young and creative chefs to share their concepts and creativity. Happening August 20-29 and hottest time of year, stay cool and dine out. GO Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to try something new, support local restaurants, farmers and locally grown products. Food always brings people together and GO Restaurant Week is the perfect time to explore and experience the culinary and craft brewery scene. There are no tickets to buy, just select one of the restaurants listed and help our with your take-out, or dine-in culinary adventure to discover hidden gems, long time favorites or something new in your community.  Gain inspiration with our videos posted daily during the 9 days of Greater Ontario Restaurant Week on and our social media outlets.

Visit your regular favorites or discover a new hidden gem during the Greater Ontario Restaurant Week. When you Stay, Shop and Dine locally, you are directly supporting the success of our local businesses. 

Why Restaurant Week is "Good for Business"

Powered by The Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau, GO Restaurant Week was created to build awareness about the restaurant options in the cities of Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga, its diverse culinary community, and to drive business for our local restaurants. Restaurant Week showcases, strengthens and also elevates the destination’s brand and culinary reputation. Attracting tourists to the area increases business for hotels, shopping centers, entertainment and other local businesses. Everyone benefits from the impact of the tourism dollars spent in the area. The new video series will live on the website for inspiration and to change a negative perception of the area eateries.  Each video will focus on unique restaurants, not chains.

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